The Best Netflix Codes for Crime, Mystery, Thriller & International Shows

A searchable list of codes for your favorite genres

No matter how nice the app feels, searching sucks! So if you’re like me and get pissed when searching for something to watch, in ANY app, then this list of codes will help you breathe easy. Sorry this is just for Netflix. This should be a thing in all the apps…

To Search

1. You have to use a web browser

Yeah I know, you shouldn’t have to leave the app you’re in to look for something but that’s where we’re at…

Start all urls with

2. Add the codes to the end of the url like so, where the code 81496215 will show you everything Netflix has related to Small Town Scares.

Make sure you're signed in so you can just add what you find to your list

Now the codes

Here are some of my favorite for finding crime shows

81399656: British

89811: TV Thrillers The Sinner, Anatomy of a Scandal

1192582: Binge-Worthy British Crime TV Shows

26296: Dark Serial Killer TV Shows Marcella, The Chestnut Man, The Serpent

100044: Gritty Hit & Run

10499 Crime Thrillers

Below is a more detailed list with some sample shows you can check out

CategoryCodesSample Shows
Small Town Scares81496215Old People, Slasher, Intrusion
TV Mysteries4366Mindhunter, Entrapped, The Stranger



Movies Based on Books


Movies Based on Real Life



100037Vikings Valhalla, Altered Carbon


108910Ju-On Origins

Thriller Movies

8933Velvet Buzzsaw


108911Two Sentence Horror Stories, Cabinet of Curiosities, Worst Roommate Ever

TV Mysteries

4366Echoes, Clickbait

Scandinavian TV Shows

76802The Girl From Oslo, The Valhalla Murders, The Rain

Crime TV Shows

26146Unsolved Mysteries, Black Butterflies

TV Shows Based on Books

1819174The Perfect Mother, Pieces of Her


81418679Into the Deep, Borgen


100033Archive 81, Stranger, 42 Days of Darkness


81427743Unit 42, Into the Night

Courtroom TV Shows

25801The Trial, Trial by Media, The Twelve


81422105The Lørenskog Disappearance, Norsemen, Occupied


81417795The Billion Dollar Code, Dark, Dogs of Berlin


81418154The Unlikely Murderer, Snabba Cash, Black Crab


100034Barbarians, Peaky Blinders, The Last Kingdom
British81399656Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King
TV Thrillers89811The Sinner, Anatomy of a Scandal
Binge-Worthy British Crime TV Shows1192582Safe, Paranoid, Bodyguard
Dark Serial Killer TV Shows26296Marcella, The Chestnut Man, The Serpent
Gritty100044Hit & Run
Crime Thrillers10499The Perfumer, Bordertown, I Came By
Criminal Investigation TV Shows1661847Young Wallander, Catching Killers
British Movies & TV100398You Don't Know Me, Stay Close, Dracula
British TV Shows Based on Books2244629Behind Her Eyes
True Crime Documentaries81050Shiny Flakes The Teenage Drug Lord, Dirty Money, Vatican Girl
Cerebral British Dramas896Black Mirror, Bandersnatch