MoviePass is Back!

But the waitlist is now closed.

If you missed it the first time around, MoviePass was/is a movie ticket subscription service that allowed subscribers to purchase one movie ticket a day for a low monthly fee.

“The waitlist is now closed. The only way to join will be through an invite from a friend.”

The original co-founder, Stacy Spikes, bought back the company and it’s now in beta format. While you can’t join now, those who have will soon be able to invite others to join. Eventually I’m guessing it will be available to everyone after they work out the kinks.

MoviePass launched in 2011 at ~$50 a month, was sold in 2017 and the price was lowered to ~$9.95 a month.

Check out this story on CNET that lists all the time moviePass’s price changed

The new pricing will be $10, $20 & $30 bucks for a certain amount of credits that can be used towards seeing a number of movies each month.