BritBox Subscription Prices Going Up

BritBox Subscription Prices are Going Up by Only $1

BritBox Subscription Prices Going Up

Starting September 30th, a subscription for BritBox will be $7.99 monthly & $79.99 yearly in the US.

Previously the price was $6.99 a month and $69.99 a year.

So what do you get with a Britbox subscription?

With a 7-day free trial you can explore all the mystery, drama, comedy, documentaries and lifestyle shows you want. More importantly they have all 6 seasons of Line of Duty! 😁

You also get no ads, a Teacher & Faculty discount! 30% off for you guys, that’s about $5.60 a month, and you can watch on up to 5 devices in the US

Tip: Subscribe through AppleTV channels and you'll be able too download shows for offline viewing. This option is currently not available through BritBox's subscription platform. The only bad thing about this is if you wanted to login on you can't...

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